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post dermal filler complications nightmare. ive written my profile so many times but i cant get it to up final effort..9yrs after aquamid fillers i am having ghastly complications.  further embarassment caused by the fact that i am an MD and somehow feel more of an idiot with half my face affected tho hopefully for the moment getting better with surgery and antibiotics...however from what i hear any healing is only temporary so that its rather like sitting on a time... Full Bio
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Aug 04 2011 by Yvonne
According to Bryan Castro, Daniel Goldberg has been "served" in Florida where he now resides.  He can run, but he can't hide from plaintiffs.
Aug 02 2011 by living nightmare 16
goodness me do it yourself lancng of the bumps sounds very adventurous! sadly yesterday i developed two more bumps on my nose but they ars hidden if i wear my really big spectacles. plse give me your email as ima garrulous old baggage and this site limits the no. of words.all the best anna.or email me all the best anna
Aug 01 2011 by living nightmare 16

has anyone heard of daniel goldburg..i understand he is now inNY (plastic surgeon)

has anyone taken sucessfull legal action?



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