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Greensboro, North Carolina
I'm a vegetarian with vegetarian with a vicious sweet tooth, a health food kick, and a love of trying new things. You can look forward to plenty of product reviews on my site - as well as loads of recipes, pretty food photos, and giveaways galore! I believe that life is for the living... Full Bio
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Better Brunching: Easy Spinach Quiche Recipe

Brunch is a great social occasion and one of the best meals of the weekend! But it can be pricey. And eating out requires you to get dressed...

Koochikoo - the Cutest Cookies Review

I would choose sweet over savory any day, but sweet tends to be less healthy than savory. After all, sugar isn't known for being...

Weekend Wisdom from the Ec Expert: Financial Planning

There are many harsh realities that you're hit with once you graduate You can't 'game' your work schedule like you could your class...

#TasteSilkAlmond - For Free!

Do you know what one of the main reasons people who 'dislike' healthy foods don't like the aforementioned healthy foods?...

How to Have A Happy (Diabetic) Halloween

Halloween marks the beginning of the glorious long 'holiday season' that's really more of a sugar-saturated three month stretch than anything...
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