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Greensboro, North Carolina
I'm a vegetarian with vegetarian with a vicious sweet tooth, a health food kick, and a love of trying new things. You can look forward to plenty of product reviews on my site - as well as loads of recipes, pretty food photos, and giveaways galore! I believe that life is for the living... Full Bio
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Life Kitchen Presents Healthy, Artisan Granola!

I love, love, love, love granola! It's perfect on everything and with everything!

Best Wrapping Papers of 2014

Who else is BEYOND STOKED that it's December? I am! I have been ready for the holiday season since the beginning of August, so unreal and...

Diabetic-Friendly Stocking Stuffer!

My little sister's good friend is one of the most active, bubbly, sweet little girls you'll ever meet. And at the age of ten, she...

A Delightful Start to The Day!

I am half-German and, as can be expected of someone who grew up believing that the first and last meal of every day should be cold and based...

Vegan Stocking Stuffer - Help Santa Out!

Need some chocolate to stuff in a vegan loved one's stocking? Let's be real, with all the various special diets and restrictions that people...
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