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Dr. Chris Senko

California T4R3J5
I run a comprehensive chiropractic clinic in red Deer, Alberta.  We offer decompression therapy, chiropractic, massage, laser, xray, and acupuncture.  We are open 60 hrs per week monday to saturday and never turn patients away.  i am a hands on doctor and i take time to ensure my patients get the best care available.  i also write editorials for a local news paper, and...


nagpur, India
You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want." I am a professional  doctor, very cool guy, love to make friends with everyone


Hyderabad, India
Sourav RC is a freelance health article writer. He writes for various websites and also possesses two health blogs- Health Buzz and Health Talk.

Joseph R.

Mountain View, California
Busy single dad committed to the wellness of my sons and myself.

Sharon LaMothe

Seattle, Washington
Sharon LaMothe has been in the Infertility Industry since 1998 when she signed her first Gestational Surrogacy contract. She subsequently gave birth to twin girls and in 2000 was invited to join a FL law firm recruiting and managing surrogacy arrangements.  After leaving the legal arena in 2003, Sharon then co-owned and operated Surrogacy Consultants of Florida, LLC, the first...


Portland, Oregon
Born in Portland, Oregon, in 1954, lifelong resident, writing, literature, coffee enthusiast.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in July of 2007.   


Hobbs, New Mexico
I like self-help books/ Especially those that have information of Diet/Exercise/Nutrition. I try to read as much as possible about this. I also like playing guitar, ridding the bicycle, playing Lesie Sansone Walking tapes(THIS I do at least five days a week, six when I can). I lift weights, do yoga and pilates-In fact the gym teacher once remarked that I appear to be very flexible despite my...