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I know it's been a while.... by forevertrust With life settling into a "normal" rhythm now that we are more than a year post-transplant, I haven't been... Read on »
My Video Story by yannai Every year at it's annual Honor's Gala, the American Liver Foundation honors a prestigious doctor who... Read on »
My Bags are Packed by yannai This should last me around two weeks. Now ready to go to Israel.  Read on »


Mike Wilson San Diego, California
Kidney N. Ahmedabad, India
Petar Dugz kenya, Kenya
Bri H. California


A liver transplant is surgery to remove an unhealthy liver from the body and replace it with a healthy liver from a donor. The donor liver is usually from a person who... » Read on
The liver performs many functions to keep us healthy. These functions include: controlling levels of fats in the... » Read on
You will be put under general anesthetic (put to sleep) so you do not feel any pain during the operation. Then, two or three drainage tubes will be inserted around your liver, to drain... » Read on
The results of liver transplantation have been improving steadily. Within one year, the survival rate is around 90% with the five-year survival rate around 75-80%. Most deaths occur from... » Read on
Following surgery you will be in an intensive care unit for around one or two days. Then, providing there are no complications, you will be moved to another part of the hospital. Most... » Read on

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