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What Is The Best Way To Buy WoW Pandaria Gold Without Being Caught ?

Posted Dec 08 2012 1:50am

Mists of Pandaria ( MoP )  is the 4th expansion of  World of Warcraft. Lots of  world of warcraft  players feedback us that they are always confused on how to make out the cheating information when they try to purchase wow gold from website. Yes, since the cheating method were more and more canniness, even a senior game player who are good at power leveling, but it is really hard to identify which is the safe method we could choose to buy the legit  wow gold. As a professional  wow gold  supplier, we did faced so much cheating cases happened before, and here, we’d like to share some representative cheating case with you, maybe from here you can find the best way to  buy wow gold  without being caught.  What Is The Best Way To Buy WoW Pandaria Gold Without Being Caught ?

Example 1. When your character who own or carry many  wow gold, you may received a mail which sent from “Blizzard official website”, (if carefully, you can find it is the cheating web “” or something else similar with the actully official website “” ). And this mail told you that you have to log into the attached linkage web to change your account password because your account was banned by the official system. So, maybe you logged into this attached web, your password of your account was really changed this time, because this web was a cheating phishing site!!! The cheater steal your password by horse virus in this web!!

Example 2. This time your character just left one  wow gold  purchase, you carry so much wow gold  and want to left, this time the delivery man, who sales you gold just now, come up again. Who said ” sorry, I just forget save the trade picture, could you please return the wow gold  I deliveried to you just now, and I will re-trade with you again, thus I can save the trade picture this time.” Maybe you are a nice people, and then you return the gold to him, wait for he re-trade with you. Then you will find you are cheated, this guy’s character name was so similar with really delivery man, maybe just one letter diff, the correct delivery man named ” David ” but this bad guy named ” Devid “, even they are same race, they are same level, and same colour.  Buy wow goldcheap wow goldworld of warcraft gold. We are professional  wow gold  store online.

Example 3. Buying  WoW Gold  Without Being Banned,Is That Possible?Maybe someone very nice guy appeared in the game, who was very nice to talk with you that you should do this or do that, you need change equipment, how you can imporve powerleveling more faster and so on. After that, you do find this people is a very nice guy, and from who you can learn so much. And someday, this guy sent you a recipe via mail or just talk in the game, you clicked this mail and words or even a picture, then you will auto-linked into a virus website.

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