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Waiting For Results

Posted Oct 18 2012 9:55pm
Anna's biopsy went well this morning. She was so scared beforehand she wouldn't stop crying.  Thankfully, she was sedated.  The entire procedure took about an hour from the time she went in until the time she was in recovery.

We have to wait until tomorrow for the results.  I hate waiting.  I mean, yes, we waited for over two and a half year for the transplant, but that wasn't easy either. 

Anna did well once she slept off the rest of the anesthesia, until she had lunch.  She ended up vomiting it all right back up.  We suspect that she had an upset stomach from the anesthesia.  After she emptied her stomach, she felt better.  At dinner tonight she tried her first cheeseburger!  I'm not sure how much she liked it, though.  She said she liked it, but she only ate about two bites.

Please keep praying that the biopsy results show something that's quickly treated!

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