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The watch that will endure light scuba diving is probably

Posted Aug 23 2010 2:33am

This writer has fond memories of waterproof watches as child, as there was a television show called Sea Hunt that aired every Saturday. The actor Lloyd Bridges sported a diver's watch that to any small child looked like the coolest thing beside a gun that a boy could ever hope to own. Today the timepieces come in anything from a sporty athletic look to extravagant jeweled pieces that you would never think of submersing one in salt water. There are two types of watches that deal Tiffany jewellery with water, and you want to be sure and select the correct one. It is all in the wording of the model name, and description, as some called waterproof while others are only water resistant.

The water resistant types are good for getting caught in a downpour of rain, or maybe getting it a little wet while washing your automobile. They will not however, survive even in swimming pools, much less the ocean. If you read the product description closely, most watches today are water resistant, but if there is a leather band attached to it, then still that would be a disastrous adventure in the water, as it would ruin the band.

The watch that will endure light scuba diving is probably what you will be interested in, as these will survive just about any situation, except for a heavy object crushing it. Usually these watches are good to one hundred meters of depth, and will handle other functions like countdown timer for oxygen tanks, a compass, and even backlighting if you get into dark and murky waters while diving. For a decent time device with the aforementioned options, you should be prepared to pay about a one hundred and fifty dollars for a high-end Timex.

There are plenty of great closeout deals on products like this in the fall, and you could realize a savings of up to fifty percent.

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