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The Eye of the Tiger

Posted Jul 06 2009 12:00am
I didn’t watch my enemy-turned-best friend and trainer die in the ring. I didn’t travel to Russia to train in six feet of snow. And I didn’t break the iron curtain by turning a stadium full of Russians into patriotic Americans. And yet, if you look at the two pictures above, I think my eyes resemble that of a tiger more than Rocky Balboa’s. With elevated bilirubin, which leads to jaundice, I now have The Eye of the Tiger. Cue the music.
I have always wanted contacts. You can’t play sports in glasses, they leave marks on your nose, and they aren’t always aesthetically pleasing. But when I mentioned the idea of getting contacts to Aviva, she said I’d look empty without my glasses. Although harmless, she doesn’t exactly have a way with words at times. And so, in lieu of being soulless, I decided to keep the glasses on.

At my brother-in-law’s wedding a few months ago, I decided to re-evaluate the situation. I always hate how glasses leave a glare in pictures and I didn’t want to look bad for the wedding. So, I asked the photographer if we could take an extra picture without my glasses. Thanks to digital photography, I got to look at the pic immediately and was spellbound at the image in front of me. Thanks to my yellowish eyes and complexion I looked like one of the zombies from the Thriller video. Unfortunately, the occasion called for Black Tie and not Michael Jackson Commemorative. And so once again I put my glasses on, for the pictures, for my soul, and for the eye of the tiger!
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