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Reflections on Rejection

Posted Feb 15 2013 9:28am

The truth is I’m three months late on writing this blog. My current hospitalization and medical issues actually started around four months ago and have already spanned two hospital stays. It’s this third hospital stay I’m going to write about today though, so bear with me as my story takes a Memento-like turn. I’ll eventually get to the whole story but it will be in pieces and out of order.

I’m currently going through acute liver rejection. Quite suddenly, my masterful and intelligent body has started attacking this foreign object in me I call my liver and has caused moderate damage to this vile vital organ. My liver enzymes shot up five times their previous marker in a single blood test. The problem is they were already high and now they were continuing to climb. They upped my meds, hoping to stop any further rejection but the numbers kept going up. They ordered a barrage of tests that led to a biopsy this Tuesday and eventually proved out liver rejection. And that is why I’m here today.

As scary as that might sound, it’s honestly not that big of a deal. The other options they were throwing at me were much scarier like my PSC coming back or closing of my bile ducts. Best case scenario was that my numbers were just a fluke and they’d come down on their own but c’mon we knew that was never gonna happen. Liver rejection is treatable and it was caught early so whatever, it sucks, but it’s better than the alternatives.

I’m now back on my post-transplant regimen. First, IV steroids for a few days to lower my immunity. To then fight that lower immunity, they’ve added antibiotics and anti-fungal and viral meds. I’ll be getting constant blood work and tests to see that this program is working. And probably another biopsy down the road. Best case scenario , I’m on this for six months but any setbacks and it’s an increased regimen and probably more hospital time.

I’m going to be here until Sunday barring any setbacks. Since December 26th I’ve spent 27 days in the hospital and 23 days at home. Half of those days at home involved doctor visits, blood tests, dental issues, or feeling like crap. My kids think I’m on a business trip since we don’t want them to worry I’m back in the hospital. They didn’t do well last time I was here. My wife has been a single mom for that whole time. I’m only stuck here for two more days but things haven’t been normal for us in months. And now we know they won’t get there anytime soon. 
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