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One less med ... maybe

Posted Nov 23 2012 6:12pm
Anna's transplant coordinator called today with her latest bloodwork results.  Her CMV test came back negative again,  so we are discontinuing the ganciclovir for now. The PICC line is staying in for right now.  On Wednesday she will have bloodwork again, and if the CMV stays negative after stopping the ganciclovir, then it can come out. 

Unfortunately, the ganciclovir has affected her ANC count.  The ANC, or absolute neutrophil count, is a measure of the neutrophil granulocytes.  They are a type of white blood cell that fights infection.  Her ANC is lower than normal, and although it isn't low enough to cause alarm or necessitate medication, she could be at an increased risk of infection.  The ANC should go back up to a normal level after stopping the ganciclovir, but we'll know for sure after Wednesday's bloodwork.

Unfortunately, Anna and I are going to have to bow out of Lance's family's Thanksgiving gathering tomorrow.  A large group of people and potential germs is just too much of a risk right now, but it stinks, because we miss everyone a lot. 

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