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Do's, Don'ts, and Alternative Treatments for your liver

Posted May 28 2010 12:00am
In my search for finding an alternative to the transplant and removal of Larry (Yes, I have grown quite attached to my lil liver) I have "googled" I have "binged" I have searched high and low, yet I have not seen anything that can CURE end-stage-liver-disease.... What I have found is TONS of information on how to stop or slow the progression of liver disease, and though they are life altering changes (such as strict diet and some exercise) your life is worth it, right? RIGHT!! Unfortunately, once your liver becomes as bad as Larry, and symptoms such as jaundice, encephalopathy, and ascites are present, there do not seem to be any other options (especially when Hep C is present... poor Larry) There is no magic cure for liver problems but first thing is first. Find out what is causing the damage. It could be something genetic (like Wilson's disease , PBC , or Hemochromatosis ) or it could be something environmental, toxins. It could be drugs, alcohol, Budd-Chiari (a blockage in the hepatic veins) Hepatitis or NASH ... the list of causes is long, but if it is found early, many people CAN stop or at least slow further damage to their livers and lead happy and healthy lives. But, and it's a BIG BUT, you will probably need to make some maaaaaaaaaaaaaaajor changes. I found the below Do's and Don't list on a Hep C site ( click here to view ), however, I wanted to share it because it is not only good advise for us Heppers, but for anyone who wants to take better care of their livers... heck, better care of themselves in general. Remember, (not to get all Eastern Medicine on you) but you really have to live in balance, mind and body!And just like anything else, you have to work at that!

Hep C Do’s And Don’ts !!!


Don’t stress out

Avoid Stressful People as much as possible

Don’t Blame Yourself or others

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Don’t eat foods fortified with Iron

Don’t eat foods fortified with Vitamin A

Don’t Eat too many Fried Food

Don’t Eat too many sugars, fruit's ok

Avoid Red Meat and Pork

Avoid certain Herbs like Valerian Root & Clove and Comphry

Avoid man-made multi-vitamins

Don’t use Toxic Cleaning Products or Air Fresheners

Don’t live with Mold or Mildew

Don’t be bullied into Interferon Treatment

If you have not had Hepatitis A do not eat shellfish

Don't share your razor or toothbrush

Avoid drinking Tap water


De-Stress - Breathe - Relax - Take Walks

Let go of toxic relationships or work

Meditate - Yoga - Exercise - Prayer

Love Yourself

Forgive yourself and others

Smile more !
Write a gratitude list daily
Ask lots of Questions Ask for Help
Eat Organic – More Raw Fruits and Veggies
Eat more Salmon Turkey Natural Foods
Drink lots of good water
Add fresh lemon to your water every day

Buy Green Cleaning Products ONLY

Add a shower filter
Get yourself started on an Alternative Protocol

Make up a dream board!

Spread the word! Live Life then Give Life!!
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