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Day 2 - hopefully the hardest day

Posted Sep 24 2012 8:08pm
I'm not going to sugar coat things - today was rough.  Anna had a lot of pain.  She is taking Dilaudid via PCA but it only seems to be taking the edge off.  She wasn't able to take fluids by mouth until late morning, and she complained of a dry mouth. The Dilaudid has the side effect of itching, so that's making her miserable. Her IV sites hurt.  Her butt hurts from laying in bed.  She's sweaty.   She's frustrated, angry, and says she just wants to go home.  She's uncharacteristically mean to the nurses, too.  Nothing any of us does or says helps.  She's just angry at the world right now.

Physically, though, she's doing well.  She was able to sit up in a chair for 7 minutes today.  Once she was able to start drinking fluids, she's tolerated them well.  She was actually going to be moved out of PICU this afternoon.  The doctors decided it was best to postpone that because they were going to restart the thymoglobulin, and it had caused her blood pressure to drop in the OR.  To be safe, they kept her in the PICU while administering it.

Your continued prayers are appreciated!  We still have a long road ahead of us. 

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