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The best part is that the Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Posted Aug 23 2010 2:31am

Whether you are asking a woman's hand in marriage or have recently become engaged, or are soon to become engaged, you know very well the first thing that most couples links of london   start seriously thinking about is the vaunted and celebrated proposal ring. It goes without saying that in today's marketplace there is wide range of designs and styles available, but if you desire to purchase something extraordinary and unique for your dream lady then you should seriously be taking a look at the incredibly beautiful Asscher cut engagement rings.

You can find the Asscher cut gemstones in quite a few collections of fine jewelry, especially when it comes proposal rings. But amazingly, most grooms-to-be and brides-to-be have never heard of this unconventionally remarkable gemstone. That's why Tiffany Jewellery, once they finally see this cut, they are pleasantly surprised at its captivating beauty. That's also the reason why more and more high profile couples are opting for aspiring gems.

This aristocratic cut was first manufactured in the very early nineteen hundreds by two brothers located in picturesque countryside of Holland. The endearing design of the Asscher is somewhat likened to an octagon. But in actuality these gemstones are intricately square in shape with their corners being very closely trimmed. Numerous Tiffany & co   jewelers and fine jewelry aficionados from all around the world often refer to this exquisite shape as the customized cushion cut.

The best part is that the Asscher Cut Engagement Rings offer a mirror effect within the gemstone that is absolutely mesmerizing. The specially crafted cut actually permits the gemstone to have a deeper dimension when you observe closely.

When considering Asscher cut engagement rings - there is one thing you will need to observe closely. That is the issue of the quality of the stone. If the stone that you have selected has any imperfections just know that you will easily see them because of the size of the stone and how they are cut.

Any flaws will stand out like a sore thumb no matter what type of setting you choose. With some diamond cuts, flaws and imperfections can be hidden with the right setting. The point being, Tiffany you cannot get away with hiding any imperfections with these cuts. Other than that issue, Asscher cut engagement rings make for the perfect signet for proposing marriage. These sweet gemstones also make for fabulous family heirlooms which means choosing one is the right decision!

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