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ache/pain/discomfort around liver area

Posted by jodyanna

47 year old female.

Not feelin unwell, just anxious about this ache/pain/dicomfort around my liver area.

Suffered with it on and off for a couple of years now, but for the last 4 weeks it's been constant.

Had a full blood count/test plus ultra sound scan "18mths" ago....all fine!

I've been eating a low fat diet for around 10 years now staying around the 10 and a half stone mark (5' 6" tall). I have always enjoyed the odd glass or few of red wine.....probably a bit too much!!!

 I've now STOPPED drinking altogether and have changed my eating habits to include lots more  fresh fruits/veg  nuts/cereals  water/natural juices. I've also started taking 1000mg fish oil, extra potency multi vit and Berberis/Milk Thistle tinctures.

The pain/discomfort doesn't seem to be related to what/when I eat. My bowels are fine and also water works. I might go most of the day without it and think "YEH!! It's better!!" Then before too long it's back and I start to worry all over again.....obviously thinking the worst.

My GP thought it could be 'gravel' in my gall bladder and says to cut out fats....but I don't have and haven't had a fatty diet for years and even before that I ate a well ballanced diet with everything in moderation.

Will be seeing my GP on Monday with results of yet another blood test taken today.

Until then, does anyone have any idea if this could be a gallbladder issue or possibly the beginnings of a liver problem?


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Your doctor who examined you should understand the problem you're facing. I encourage you to go for a thorough scan.



Be well soon.

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