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Hi, I'm Brigid. I am a 29 year old professional living in the DC metro area with my husband and our two pups. Like many people approaching a milestone birthday (Hello 30!), I have started reflecting on my life, my fitness, and what health means to me. This is my journey in living an active,... Full Bio
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Back from New Orleans

Travelling for work is tough! I went with the greatest of intentions. I packed my running gear intending to make it to the hotel gym...

Gaining Speed! Ladder Track Workout

Mr. Huzzah and I headed over to out high school track yesterday evening. Track workouts have been an integral part of our half...

Mr. Huzzah: 5 Steps To A Strong Finish

It’s called a race. Not a fun run, community jog, or volksmarch. A race. That word has some serious connotations for runners, both in terms of...

Weekly Recap: I Am Ready!

I’ve come full circle this week. After a rocky start on Monday, I’ve regained my confidence in running! I also set a weekly mileage...

Mr. Huzzah: Friday Five

It’s been a different kind of week around these parts, so Brigid figured what better way to finish it off than to give me the reins on a Friday...

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Nov 01 2011 by Jeff K.
You have some great runs coming up with the Hot 
Chocolate 15K and the Rock n Roll half. Good luck training, we're rooting for you!

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