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Elk River, Minnesota
After a heart-breaking struggle with infertility, we conceived our identical twin girls through IVF. They suffered from life-threatening Twin-to-Twin Transfusion in-utero, causing me to undergo laser surgery, and 13 weeks of bed rest, 10 of which in the hospital. Every day for a long 13 weeks, we... Full Bio
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One Month Home.

At 5 weeks of "family age" (length of time spent with his new family), we see glimpses of healing and adjustment admist the constant, often...

Finding our new normal.

We're slowly finding our routine, and routines are BIG for children from complex backgrounds, so we'll be sticking to it for a while. Lennox is...

Beginning to make memories ...

On Thursday, it was 2 weeks since Nati left his orphanage to be with me. And yesterday marked the 1-week anniversary of all of us being home...

Welcome home!!

My heart is full. All of my children are together, in the same place. With us. Thank you to those who...

Our first weeks home.

Dear Family & Friends, Can you believe that after 3.5 years in this adoption process, we are making final preparations to bring Lennox home?!...
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Mar 23 2010 by bphifer
Hi! Ran across your page when searching for more on bed rest and high risk pregnancies.  I am 29 weeks pregnant now and have been on bed rest for five weeks (one in hospital) due originally to incompetent cervix and then to actual pre-term labor that had to be stopped and am now being managed through infusion pump. Thought it would be helpful to touch base with other women who have been there to keep my sanity intact.

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