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Health Maven's Answer
Sep 19 2009 2:17pm
Well though I am not a physician I would have to ask what is her diet like? Salt can... more
Sep 23 2009 9:56am
If you have suffered from Guillian-Barre' Syndrome it is not safe for you to have a... more
Sep 23 2009 9:43am
Pain in any part of the body is a warning sign something is going on. The best thing... more
Jan 10 2009 4:31am
Hello Heavenlysexy, There could be a number of reasons for your jaw pain. Slight... more
Jan 10 2009 4:26am
Dec 16 2008 10:23am
Hello Josie B. Your liver is in the upper right side of your abodomen. I would... more
Jan 10 2009 4:16am
While I am not a doctor I would have to say that there could be several causes to your... more
Sep 27 2008 8:06pm