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I write about the beauty of raising a genetically-enhanced child - not many people can brag that they have an extra chromosome! Follow the journey of our first-born son, Sheridan, as we travel down a path different than the one we imagined, but a path far more incredible than we could have ever... Full Bio
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More Alike or Just Different?

I've been thinking about this for some time now (actually, for longer than I care to admit - *sigh* how I've neglected this blog this past year),...

The Cutting Edge

Being on the cutting edge is supposed to be cool. Hip. Desirable, to be sure. And that's the backbone of many industries, the fashionshpere...

Turning It Off

I have about 20 posts I've started and not finished and my blog has sat idle for too long... although I have many issues about which I want to...

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days

Sheridan has become very interested in time and days of the week lately. He walks into our room every morning, gives me big hugs and...

Sheridan's First Year of School

I've been meaning for some time to write a post about Sheridan's first year of school. That will still have to wait... but for now, check out this...

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