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I am the mother of six children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome. My blog chronicles our family's experience having a baby with Down syndrome from the day of his birth to the present day.
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Moving On

After a great deal of thought and wrestling with the decision in my head, I've decided it's time to retire Finnian's Journey. This has been kind...

The R-word

A lot of talk has been made about not tolerating the use of "retard" and "retarded" as derogatory slang. It's easy - or at least easyish - to...

A Long Overdue Post About What Finn's Up To

Boy, life sure has a way of getting in the way of blogging, huh? I can sum up what Finn is up to these days in one word: TROUBLE. In a...

Accidental Mohawk

It was an accident, I swear it was! See, here's what happened: I put Finn in the tub and got Daddy's electric trimmer out to give Finn a...


We had our final OT session this morning. Emily asked if we wanted to extend services for a month, and I declined. With the holidays coming up...

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