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Lisa LaMendola

Denver, Colorado
So what qualifies me to help you about get well? First of all, I'm a . This means I can see inside your body and tell you what is wrong with you, what could happen to your body in the near future, how best you can avoid these issues. Second, I had Lupus. You heard me right, had Lupus,... Full Bio
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Nov 02 2011 by Lisa LaMendola
This is my baby, my calling in life, my reason for being ~  The Visionary Healing Foundation was created to heal the world one person at a time by bridging the gap between conventional and alternative therapies,  in order to help those dealing with disease, illness and/or undiagnosed symptoms find answers.
Nov 02 2011 by Lisa LaMendola

Be sure to check out my new radio show, The Medical Medium on Blog Talk Radio.  Tuesdays @ 6pm ET ~ learn about your health, wellness, and call in for a free mini health reading!

Apr 09 2010 by Lisa LaMendola
I'm FABULOUS, thanks for asking.....hope to share information you can use.  Let me know if you ever need anything.....also check out my radio show FINDING A CURE on Blog Talk Radio every Saturday at 4pm.  Have a GREAT day!
Apr 09 2010 by Nopalea
Hey Lisa, Thanks for accepting my invite. How are you doing? I look forward to reading your material and many future conversations. -Ryan
Jan 25 2010 by alupussurvivor
Hello, We just became freinds! I just took a look at your website. Excellant topic for a lupus blogger. I tried going vegan twice. Once in the 80s pre- lupus, once in 95 after dx. It was too challenging for me to maintain on my own in my southern cultured family. You can find out more about me on my Welcome page and link to my websites.
Sep 03 2009 by Lisa LaMendola
The ulcers can cause the bleeding, as well as Endometriosis, but there would be asource and your gyno doctor would have seen that so I will rule that out.  You didn't say, so I'll ask, have you been tested for Herpes?  If not you should as this could explain a lot and your doctor will know how to treat you (remember, your doctor works for you, not the other way around...ask for the test to be run if it hasn't been!). 
Sep 02 2009 by crystel

 I was just looking for some help and I saw your page.  I was just in the hospital on saturday evening due to a vaginal laceration.  I have had ulcers in there lately also.  I had emergency surgery 

because none of the doctors could find the bleeding site.  I laid there and bleed from 11 33 pm till 

4 00 am required two units of blood. i have a lot more wrong with me but this is my pressing  problem and the sutures are already out.   not good.  I have purple areas flat on my legs 4 of them. What does this sound like to you my doctors are clueless and i"m 35 married 2 boys.  

Jul 30 2009 by Lisa LaMendola

I don't know much about this, just that it is a sack with cerebral spinal fluid in it and that is about all, but I do believe there is a resource here on this site ( click here).  Hope this helps and hope you find what you need.  Best of luck.

Jul 29 2009 by angelia
sorry to bother you, but my friend was just told today that she has choroid fissure cyst, and we are looking all over the web for info about it, and I am running out of places to look so now I'm looking to people that might be able to help me out. Thank you for your time.