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Volleyball books by Lisa G. 1 Comment Posted in: General Discussion in Volleyball Here is a list of good volleyball books to check out: * Beginning Volleyball (Beginning Sports) - * Coaching Volleyball * Coaching Volleyball Successfully * Karch Kiraly's ... Read on »
How do you get your neutrients from a veggie diet? by Lisa G. 3 Comments Posted in: Questions & Answers in Vegetarian A lot of my friends are going veggie, but I am concerned about their health. They are going to be losing out on a lot of nutrients from proteins, so how can they stay healthy ... Read on »
When to stretch by Lisa G. 4 Comments Posted in: General Discussion in Mind-Body I'm confused... you often hear you need to stretch before you workout, but on the other hand, you hear it's bad to stretch when you are cold. So when I first arrive at the gy ... Read on »
How massage theraphy can help you by Lisa G. 1 Comment Posted in: General Discussion in Massage/Spa What does massage therapy do? * Relieves chronic tension and pain in muscles * Improves circulation * Increases flexibility in the joints * Reduces mental and ... Read on »
Fun dance classes that make you sweat by Lisa G. Posted in: General Discussion in Exercise Some of the most energized and fun dance classes I have taken are at 24-hour fitness. There is a wide age range of members that join in, the music is always changing, and the ... Read on »