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Lisa Barwise is all about life, energy and vitally and bringing this vitality, vivaciousness and positivity to everything she does. Lisa is a published author of the Healthy Vegetarian Handbook, speaker on health & wellness, single mother, vegetarian and a no-meat athlete, runs on plants!... Full Bio
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Day 2- 5 Week Fat loss Experiment

Day 2 and my overall state about the experiment is good. I am enjoying eating, which is good but am finding the mornings hard as I just have got...

Day 1 – 5 Week Fat loss Experiment

Today was a great day of eating some really yummy food and I really enjoyed the start of my journey. Read more about the Experiment here first…....

The 5 week Fat Loss Experiment

So, sometimes it is difficult to be role model and ring leader of a health and weight loss community as people look to you to be the example of...

Life changing doesn’t always happen on the outside

I was chatting to my friend recently about my Juice Plus+ business and we were discussing some of the absolute life changing experiences I am...

Some questions and answers on Juice Plus+

Do you or your family get sick all the time? Do you frequently feel tired and run-down? Are you lacking the recommended 5-9 servings of...
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