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Lindsay W.

I'm an animal lover, passionate vegan, and blogger based in Brooklyn. My blog, "Kiss Me, I'm Vegan!", chronicles my first year as a vegan, and I have put a lot of honest, humor, and heart into it. "Kiss Me, I'm Vegan" will be turning two in November, so I'm looking to expand it... Full Bio
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As you can see...

... we've been a bit absent. For a whole bunch of reasons. Lindsay's acting career has taken front seat in her life at the moment, as has...

Please Help PlantBuilt Spread the Word of Strength & Health & Compassion through their Indiegogo Campaign!

While I've always been involved in sports throughout my life, I had always been on the skinny, plain, undefined body side of...

Talking Veganism & Beliefs with Jon Wolf, The You-Time Coach: How to Discover Beliefs You Are Certain About

Everybody has been marginalized in their lifetime in some way.  Many involve all encompassing things such as religion, sexual...

Vegan Mainstream Professional Bootcamps! For the V-Entrepreneur in You! (& 2014 Bootcamp Schedule)

In October of last year, I had the privilege of attending Vegan Mainstream's Professional Marketing Bootcamp. I was every excited for the...

Review of T. Colin Campbell's WHOLE & A Giveaway for YOU!

I had the privilege of reading an excellent book by one of my teachers and an icon in the world of plant-based nutrition. I am excited to share...

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