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Toys May Be Banned in Happy Meals in San Francisco

Children living in the San Francisco area may soon have their McDonald’s “Happy Meal” without a toy. The city’s Board of Supervisors gave...

Walnuts Can Reduce Blood Presure Response to Stress

A new study shows that regularly eating a handful of walnuts can affect the blood pressure response to stress. It is known that people...

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Lifestyle

Are you taking care of yourself? Are you living a healthy lifestyle? It is never too late to change it. Experts have suggested that 400,000...

High Fat Diet Negatively Impacts You in Just Days

Do you have a high fat diet? Do you even think about how much fat you eat? You should! A recent Oxford study shows that a high fat diet...

The Holiday Season is Here

Soon it will be Halloween, the unofficial start of the holiday season, and the next 8 weeks will be full of parties, festivities, food...

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