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My husband has a brain injury similar to a near drowning this happened in 1988.  My only daughter was killed in a car accident the next year.   All these years my sister has been my only real support and friend she could make me laugh and give me breaks from my husband and young son.  She was the driver and we took many trips i was the navagator and planner.   Two years ago she had an infection and needed to go to the hospital then to rehab she went almost... Full Bio
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down day

only walked a few blocks then quit....

Slow down

Well today any excuse is better than none stated at 8:30 a.m. walking with the dog.  Got distracted by an unexpected fear of strangers walked 1/2...

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Linda M. updated their goal to Walk: 2 miles 7 times per week. Sep 17 2011
Linda M. wrote on Linda M.'s Whiteboard. Sep 17 2011
Brenda Avadian wrote on Linda M.'s Whiteboard. Sep 14 2011
Linda M. updated their goal to Walk: 2 miles 7 times per week. Sep 14 2011
Linda M. wrote on Brenda Avadian's Whiteboard. Sep 14 2011

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Sep 17 2011 by Linda M.
thanks for the dog and I are walking 1 mile its taking us 30 minutes.    My son hikes and climbs he has sent me many beautiful favorite is the wildflowers on the way to mount Rainier.  They were blooming in late August...We live in Washington State and the Cascades are the best in the world...
Sep 14 2011 by Brenda Avadian
Go GO LINDA! Small steps repeated will lead you to new vistas and new ways of seeing things. My BEST to YOU!
Sep 04 2011 by Brenda Avadian
Linda, as an avid hiker, I applaud you on your goal. My eighty year-old neighbor gets out twice a day and walks for at least 30 minutes. Like you, she built up to it. You'll find if you're able to keep it up--even four times a week for at least 30 minutes, you'll feel a lot better physically and about yourself.

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