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Linda is loosing pounds

Miami, Florida
I'm really fat, yeah i dont like yourself my body and wanna be better than now  Updated Im feeling good - and everything will be alright   
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Jun 06 2009 by greens
hey Linda why dont you just walk alot and make sure you eat less calories then you burn.At least 450 cal.  a day less.Lets say you consume 1600 cal and burn,2050 cal a day.You will loose one pound a week.
Jan 05 2009 by Cherrill S.
Hello Linda. I see from your progress chart that you were making good progress with losing weight through your last posting on 21st December. Hope you were able to keep losing over the holidays. I was away from home for 2 weeks and couldn't attend my usual exercise club; I'll be going there this evening and hope for not too big a shock when I weigh in! Happy New Year from your friend Cherrill
Dec 16 2008 by Lori K.
Thanks for voting for me!
Dec 16 2008 by Linda is loosing pounds 

i ilke them 

Dec 14 2008 by Lori K.
Hi Linda, How is everything going?
Dec 12 2008 by Lea Marie

Hi!  Sorry it took me so long to add you; I haven't been at my computer in almost two weeks.  Thanks for the friend request.  And, yes, your hair is GORGEOUS!! 

Best wishes to you on your journey!  You can do it!

Dec 10 2008 by Billie T.
HI Linda and Thanks for adding me. How are you losing the weight? I am eating mainly salads. Ps. You are very pretty and I love your hair
Dec 05 2008 by Lori K.
How's your journey going?
Dec 04 2008 by mr.
you can do it !!! :)
Dec 02 2008 by Kristy V.
Hi Linda, so nice to meet you? How is the journey going?