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Our daughter Lily Bliss was born in June 2007 with profound hearing loss. At 10 months old, she became one of the youngest in Nebraska to receive bilateral cochlear implants. This blog is the story of our hearing journey and the proof that Life really is Bliss.
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Dale Sindell at TEDxCibeles

As a big TEDx fan, I found this talk by Dale Sindell of TEDXCibeles in Madrid fascinating.  ( TEDx speakers...

Science Fair: Social Contagion

LIly's second elementary science fair experience was a success.  She studied Social Contagion, the idea that if...

Bilateral vs Unilateral CIs in Children

Interesting study from Ear and Hearing of Spoken Language Outcomes in children with unilateral versus...

Vision Loss Boosts Auditory Perception

A facinating new study found that when "they kept adult mice in complete darkness for one week, the animals’...

Talking to premature babies

Facinating new study about talking to premature babies by a team at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island...
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