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At the point of this blogâ??s conception, Oscar is in his late-thirties. In the past four months he got laid off, found a job, divorcing and was let go from his new job. Oh yeah, heâ??s a recovering alcoholic, sober for over six years. He got his Bachelorâ??s degree in... Full Bio
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No Assholes Involved

Alcohol and drug addiction website. So I was watching a BBC documentary about the Lockerbie Bombing the other day and I noticed one...

I Hear You Girlfriend!

Alcohol and drug addiction website. I recently got a comment from a wonderful reader of this fine blog that went like this… “Your...

9/11 12 Years Later

Alcohol and drug addiction website. This day fucking sucks and it will always suck. Does it suck more than Pearl Harbor?  I don’t know,...


Alcohol and drug addiction website. With that title you probably think this is some deep post…WRONG!!! The gym is very much like AA...

Rehab for Two

Alcohol and drug addiction website. Did I ever tell you guys about my upstairs neighbor?  I want to say I did post something about it...

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