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Which messaging app for doctors? by Alan T. Medical Doctor I am a fan of instant messaging. Not your usual SMS or text messages but the multi-platform IM. When it comes to communicating with colleagues it’s quite handy for quick w ... Read on »
When Doctors Break the Law by MKirschMD I’m a law abiding blogger.  Laws are meant to be obeyed.  If an individual opposes a law in a free country, then he should operate within the system to modify it.  I recog ... Read on »
Our new textbook: Pediatric Surgery - Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Christopher C. Medical Doctor I am happy to announce that our new textbook has just been published! Our mission was to gather together useful information for practitioners at the bedside caring for child ... Read on »
When Should Doctors Turn Patients Away? by MKirschMD A few days before this writing, a 32-year-old woman came to see me for an opinion on stomach pain.  Why would I refuse to see her again?  Abdominal pain is an everyday occ ... Read on »
Hobby Lobby vs Obamacare: 1-0 by MKirschMD Hobby Lobby, unfairly demonized in various corners of the public square, had their religious beliefs upheld in the highest court of the land in a 5-4 decision this week.   ... Read on »
MICU to Heme/Onc — What a Change by Jeff W. Medical Student After a month of intensity on the MICU, I have switched to the Hematology and Oncology service. I won’t lie. The first few days after Switch Day I realized that I mis ... Read on »
Four nights shifts and an egg and spoon race by Stuart G. Patient Expert I'm very tired after this latest run of four. These nights seem to be getting longer and longer as we are continually hammered from the moment we sign on duty until we make ... Read on »
The Fourth of July - Musings on the Declaration. by MKirschMD The meaning of many holidays can be elusive.  On Memorial Day, are we contemplating our fallen heroes, or grilling burgers?  How many shopping days ‘til Christmas?  Labor ... Read on »
Are Your Medical Priorities Straight? by MKirschMD The world is asunder.  As I write this, Iraq is sinking into a sectarian abyss.  ISIS, a terrorist group, now controls a larger territory than many actual countries.  Russ ... Read on »
Dream Job by Ellie Patient Expert When I was a kid, I wanted to be a paramedic.  Almost every year in my school books I said I wanted to be a firefighter, EMT, or paramedic. The evolution was easy.  Once I r ... Read on »