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Can we finally say RIP webOS? by Alan T. Medical Doctor From June 2009 till the day HP dumped it in 2011, webOS had a tumultous journey. I revelled in the early days and really hoped it would succeed. It was not to be and when ... Read on »
Detroit by Jeff W. Medical Student Just flew back from Detroit last week after a fellowship interview. Surprisingly there were no direct flights from ONT (Ontario, CA) or LAX (Los Angeles, CA) to Detroi ... Read on »
The Changing Role of FNPs in America by Dr. Lawrence Kindo The United States has taken significant steps to improve access to health care for Americans and has opened the door for Nurse Practitioners to expa ... Read on »
Good Riddance to Routine Pelvic Examinations by MKirschMD So much in medicine and in life is done out of habit.   We do stuff simply because that’s the way we always did it.  Repetition leads to the belief that we are doing the r ... Read on »
The Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket by Krystal Plonski I have been attuned to practice Reiki for about 5 years now, and I had never heard of a Reiki blanket, until a few weeks ago. The company Improved Healing had contacted me ... Read on »
Presentation by Ellie Patient Expert There's been some of discussion lately around work about wearing shorts on scenes in the summer.  Some providers argue that 'if they are truly sick, patients won't care what ... Read on »
Book Club: “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” by Krystal Plonski I am always looking for new books to read, and once I had learned about “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet”, I wanted to read this book for several reasons: (1) beca ... Read on »
Time, Indeed, Does Fly by Jeff W. Medical Student It amazes me how fast life marches on. I feel like I was just a medical student not too long ago. But here I am in my final year of residency. I have almost completed two ... Read on »
Physicians Lose Right of Free Speech by MKirschMD I’m all for free speech and I’m very hostile to censorship.  The response to ugly speech is not censorship, but is rebuttal speech.   Of course, there’s a lot of speech ou ... Read on »
Top Ten Medical News from across the Globe by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Top Ten Medical News from across the Globe Medical News aggregated from across the globe – news to inform, news to educate, news to warn, news ... Read on »