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How Vitamins, Natural Enhancement Products And Minerals Help You Every Day by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Lots of people read labels to check on the vitamins and minerals  certain foods and other natural enhancement products have. However, many do not kn ... Read on »
Body Contouring – Is it a Good Idea to reshape your Body? by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Aging, weight loss, and even genetics can make your skin sag or drop. It’s certainly unpleasant to have excess skin on your thighs, arms, belly and ... Read on »
Healthcare In Comfort: How You Can Stay In Your Home For Longer by Dr. Lawrence Kindo As we get older, the trips to the doctor unfortunately become more and more frequent. We begin to cherish our own home and comfort in a way we never ... Read on »
A Brief Guide on Testosterone Booster Supplements by Dr. Lawrence Kindo As men age, there is a natural deterioration in the amount of testosterone that the body produces. For many centuries, it was only spoken of in rega ... Read on »
Scalp Pigmentation – End Your Scalp Worries by Dr. Lawrence Kindo After his good looks, the second thing that makes a man look attractive and stylish is his  personality. Your hair forms a vital part of your person ... Read on »
Safety first? Not with my patients! by MKirschMD 'Safety first' is a mantra of today's hovering parents.  It's the default explanation that a parent invokes when an edict has been issued that cannot be challenged or revers ... Read on »
New iPhone  by Alan T. Medical Doctor I’ve been using an iPhone 5s 16Gb but have been running out of space so when my local telco gave a good deal on the iPhone 6 I grabbed the 128Gb model. Here’s the home ... Read on »
You Shouldn’t Need Positive Thinking Throughout my years of being sick there were times... by Dr. Steve Nenninger Naturopathic Doctor You Shouldn’t Need Positive Thinking   Throughout my years of being sick there were times when I would get very down, wondering if I would ever get better.  During thi ... Read on »
Helpless by Jeff W. Medical Student I can remember a string of particularly busy nights. I was on the ICU service — sort of. During our training, we have one month where we are assigned to “MICU NF.” Th ... Read on »
Futuristic Medicine by MKirschMD I just deposited a check into my bank account by photographing the check with my iPhone and zapping it through cyberspace.  I realize this is a yawn to the under 35 crowd. ... Read on »