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Money Back Guarantee on Medical Care? by MKirschMD How many times each week do we hear the phrase, 'if you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund the purchase price - no questions asked." This is more often a ... Read on »
The year of the Windows Tablets by Alan T. Medical Doctor When the iPad first came out, it was the best thing since sliced bread for doctors. Now a tablet sized device can be a boon during ward rounds for accessing medical inform ... Read on »
Glimpses of Health Care – Pros and Cons, Hints and Suggestions by Dr. Lawrence Kindo One great way to update your medical knowledge and to take good care of your health is to skim through the numerous health and medical blogs across ... Read on »
How to know it’s Time to remove your Wisdom Teeth? by Dr. Lawrence Kindo There are many people who have wisdom teeth without any major problems, but then there are also those who end up having to get them extracted. If yo ... Read on »
Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare – Could they Cure the Current Crisis? by Dr. Lawrence Kindo If you’re working toward your MBA in health management , chances are good that you want to affect change in what has become a struggling industry. Y ... Read on »
3 Important Questions Every Doctor should ask their Patients by Dr. Lawrence Kindo In medical schools, doctors are taught that to properly diagnose and manage their patients, they should ask the right questions that would guide the ... Read on »
Elephants by Stuart G. Patient Expert It has been a long time since my last post but my family and career must come first and if anything I write threatens them, I need to temper my emotions; thus less to say of ... Read on »
A secretary in your pocket by Alan T. Medical Doctor Dictation using your mobile device has come a long way. Instead of merely dictating an audio recording for transcription later, the processors in today’s mobile devic ... Read on »
The Doctor-Patient Relationship, Is There an App for That? by MKirschMD I just deposited a check into my bank account by photographing the check with my iPhone and zapping it through cyberspace.  I realize this is ho hum to the under 35 crowd. ... Read on »
5 Critical Keys to Kill Your Cellulite by Dr. Lawrence Kindo -contributed by – Joey Atlas, Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist M.S., Exercise Physiology” “Ask any woman on the street what the definition ... Read on »