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Make America and the Medical Profession Great Again by MKirschMD Even those who have but a passing interest in the American political know that Donald Trump is: Very Rich. Leading in every poll. Going to build a wall tha ... Read on »
3 Reasons Hawaii is One of the Healthiest States in the U.S. by Dr Larry If you want the stats than here you go ! We think there are some facts you might not know. First Reason – Staying Calm is a Lifestyle It’s no secret, and this ... Read on »
Heroes Behind the Counter & In Other Places by MKirschMD The Marvelettes in 1963 Patients are cool.   I did a colonoscopy on a hospitalized man who was saddled with the ravages of obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea and resp ... Read on »
One Free Pass by Katie! Medical Student Like most mothers with sanity as a priority, I swore that my kids would not be overextended while they were young. I played basketball as a child starting at age 2, but tha ... Read on »
Doc, where does your high energy come from? by Dr Larry I was recently asked the question above by one of my newer clients.  I immediately stopped what I was doing and had two thoughts.  My first internal reaction and though ... Read on »
Is Your Hospital Crooked? by MKirschMD I read an interesting piece this morning about a medical renegade who turned his back on one of the most powerful health care systems in the world.  It’s not easy to push ... Read on »
The Return by Dr. Couz Wow. Was I really this bitter through all of residency? Read on »
When your world gets flipped upside down! by Dr Larry It’s funny how even though we all know to “expect the unexpected,” life consistently throws us “curve balls.” And though we are conscious of the fact that “change is ... Read on »
Is the Medical Profession a 'Special Interest'? by MKirschMD Don’t expect this humble blogger to explain Donald Trump’s broad and sustained GOP support, if our most seasoned political pundits are flummoxed.   Why is this man with no ... Read on »
Buried by Katie! Medical Student As is usual when a person graduates to the next level of the heirarchy, I had NO EARTHLY IDEA how much paperwork and general minutia would be a part of my everyday life ... Read on »