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All Grown Up by Katie! Medical Student The best part about being an attending physician is being able to act like a grown up.  I get to make my own schedule! I get to say when I need a day off or want to work m ... Read on »
Patient Survives Death Sentence - Medical Negligence? by MKirschMD Doctors do not know everything.    We make mistakes and mistakes in judgment.  Sometimes we make the mistake of speaking when we should keep silent.  At times, patients as ... Read on »
Is Your Doctor a Spin Doctor? by MKirschMD We are in the Age of Spin as the presidential campaigns percolate along.  So much fun to watch!  It’s a performance in doublespeak, deflection and distraction that is so o ... Read on »
Re-introductions by Katie! Medical Student It has been four years since you've seen my kids and you would NOT EVEN BELIEVE how big and old and grown up they are. Let me re-introduce you! Have a seat friends, the floo ... Read on »
Who Deserves Quality Medical Care? by MKirschMD We all should know the difference between a slogan and real substance.   One of these has size and shape while the other is just a shadow.   Why then, is the slogan so pow ... Read on »
Awakening by Katie! Medical Student It has been a long, long time since I've been here. I read through my last few posts and it was like reading someone else's writing, glimpsing into a different family, read ... Read on »
When Does Life End? Ask a Humble Doctor. by MKirschMD About a week before I write this, I met a man for the first time.  Though it is unlikely that I will see him again, it is unlikely that I will forget him. This w ... Read on »
Planned Parenthood Videos Threaten Truth by MKirschMD While we have all heard the adage, any publicity is good publicity, I don’t agree.   See if you agree that the subjects of the following hypothetical headlines would have ... Read on »
Chief Residency by Jeff W. Medical Student It has begun. On June 30 I officially ended my Internal Medicine Residency. Well, maybe I should say that I completed it. On July 1 I walked up to my brand new of ... Read on »
Warning! Cell Phones Can Kill You! by MKirschMD In medicine and beyond, folks just want stuff to be true.  Sometimes, we believe stuff that is unproven, but might be true.  We doctors recommend such treatments to patien ... Read on »