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Consider taking a moment to vote for our children's hospital by Dr. Christopher C. Medical Doctor Please consider taking a moment to vote for our children's hospital. Credit Union Direct will donate $20,000 to the hospital that gets the most votes. You can vote once each ... Read on »
Does Quality of Colonoscopy Depend on Time of Day? by MKirschMD Over the past decade, there has been renewed effort to increase the quality of colonoscopy. New data has demonstrated that colonoscopy quality is less than gastroenterologis ... Read on »
When Someone You Love Has Mesothelioma by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Mesothelioma is complicated and scary and being diagnosed with it is tantamount to a death sentence. This is because, while there have been advance ... Read on »
Should Your Doctor Consider Medical Costs? by MKirschMD This blog is devoted to an examination of medical quality.  Cost-effectiveness is woven into many of the posts as this is integral to quality.  Most of us reject the ratio ... Read on »
Create a Quality Healthcare System through Enterprise Risk Management Solution by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Creating a quality healthcare environment is one of the prime objectives of any national administration, across the globe. Risks are inevitable ... Read on »
Myocardial bridge by JASON WINTER A myocardial bridge occurs when one of the coronary arteries tunnels through the myocardium rather than resting on top of it. This is generally confined when myocardial tis ... Read on »
Career Paths for RNs Infographic by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Health care throughout the world is rapidly changing. Between advances in technology and medicine, a declining United States RN population, and infl ... Read on »
Thanksgiving - A Chance to Spread Sunlight by MKirschMD This is the only Thanksgiving holiday in my memory that I was not on call for hospital work.   Physicians, like many other folks, are not automatically off on holidays and ... Read on »
The Event — It’s Time to Clean This House by Jeff W. Medical Student Let’s ignore the details — for a moment — of what has happened in the city of Ferguson from the day Michael Brown was shot until the decision of the grand jury not to indi ... Read on »
Are Doctors Good Businessmen? Get a Second Opinion! by MKirschMD We’ve all heard or used the phrase, ‘leave it to the professionals’.   It certainly applies to me as the only tools that I can use with competence are the scopes that I pa ... Read on »