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Ebola Virus Outbreak Goes Viral! by MKirschMD While I haven’t devoted significant space on this blog to the news media, it is not because I do not have strong opinions on the current state of journalism.  Indeed, I co ... Read on »
Is Hepatitis C Treatment Cost-effective? by MKirschMD One catch phrase in health care reform is cost-effectiveness.  To paraphrase, this label means that a medical treatment is worth the price.  For example, influenza vaccine ... Read on »
AppStudio Humanitarian Challenge by Alan T. Medical Doctor Save the World by Developing or Donating! September 3, 2014 — The number of smart phones in third world is growing at the almost the same ra ... Read on »
Why I Won't Refill Your Prescription by MKirschMD Giving prescription refills is not quite as fun as it used to be.  Years ago, we doctors would whip out our prescription pads – often sooner than we should have – and we’d ... Read on »
New Wild-Ass Plan by Ellie Patient Expert The trouble with this plan is that it has so many fail points that I am afraid to advertise it.  It is also a very long-game type of plan (at least four years to completion) ... Read on »
5 Simple Tips to achieve Maximum Health and Fitness by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Are you overwhelmed by the fact that good health and fitness requires your constant attention? If so, you are not alone. Most people find it extreme ... Read on »
Which Medical Specialty Should Medical Students Choose? by MKirschMD A medical student recently asked my advice on her decision to pursue a career in dermatology.  It was about 25 years ago when my own parents encouraged me to pursue this s ... Read on »
Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Medical Student by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Have you ever thought of making money online? Are you tired waiting for your big breakthrough while paying huge sums as fees for your medical educat ... Read on »
Medical Complications Torture Doctors Too by MKirschMD If you are a physician like me who performs procedures, then rarely you will cause a medical complication.  This is a reality of medical life.  If perforation of the colon ... Read on »
Should You Trust Your Doctor's Advice? by MKirschMD Is your doctor a hammer and you're a nail?  Here's some insider's advice coaxing patients to be more wary and skeptical of medical advice.  Should you trust your doctor?  ... Read on »