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An “A” for Effort by Jeff W. Medical Student We’ve all heard of getting an “A” for effort. At least it was an “A,” right? But how meaningful is that grade if you still fail? I remember a patient I shall ... Read on »
Do Doctors Tell the Truth? by MKirschMD I love teachers.  And, I love the teaching profession.  I remember years ago teaching one class to middle-schoolers on a subject that I thought exuded fascination and dram ... Read on »
Dietary Supplements – Are they really a good idea of Nutrition? by Dr. Lawrence Kindo We constantly hear that herbal supplements or certain vitamins can cure chronic conditions or at least may improve the quality of our daily lives. T ... Read on »
Devolution by Stuart G. Patient Expert What's to be done ? I'm actually starting to feel some despair about the situation. I was sitting in my response car at the scene of a call. There was an ambulance behin ... Read on »
Get Fit on a budget today by Dr. Lawrence Kindo It seems like life is constantly getting more expensive. Every time you turn around, the price of just about everything keeps going up. Getting heal ... Read on »
Top Tips for Losing Unwanted Weight by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Losing weight can be a real challenge for some people, so getting some top tips for helping the process can be very useful for many people. There ar ... Read on »
Are CT Scans Accurate for Diagnosing Cancer? by MKirschMD A female patient came to see me with some difficulty swallowing, a very routine issue for a gastroenterologist.  I performed an scope examination of her esophagus and conf ... Read on »
The Best Vape Pen for every Situation by Dr. Lawrence Kindo It is needless to settle for a vape pen that can only handle loose-leaf marijuana, waxes, e-liquids or oils when a single pen can handle all these t ... Read on »
Essential Steps to Take If You Think You’re Losing Your Hearing by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Hearing loss is a problem for many individuals, especially in their later years . But anyone can experience hearing loss and it has a variety of cau ... Read on »