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Deflategate – Tom Brady Makes the Wrong Call by MKirschMD The Deflategate investigation has concluded that it was more probable than not that Tom Brady had general awareness of the mysterious shrinking footballs.  Now the fun start ... Read on »
Does Nexium and other Heartburn Medicines Cause Osteoporosis? by MKirschMD Every week, I am asked by patients if their heartburn medicine causes osteoporosis.  The most effective heartburn medicines are called proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs.  If ... Read on »
Are Physicians Racist? by MKirschMD Racism and prejudice are endemic in America.  Many of us reflexively answer, No, if we are asked if we are prejudiced.  I don’t.  I say yes. While I do my best to ... Read on »
When Your Loved One is an Alcoholic by MKirschMD I was asked to consult on a 43-year old female with abnormal liver blood test results.  It took but a few minutes to determine that she was an alcoholic, which was the lik ... Read on »
Memorial Day - A Time to Reflect by MKirschMD It’s Memorial Day tomorrow.  What is it exactly that we are charged to remember? Cole Slaw? Lighter Fluid? BBQ Sauce? My fat ... Read on »
22 May 15 by Ellie Patient Expert Update on the patio. Getting closer, I guess. Read on »
21 May 15 by Ellie Patient Expert Fancy pants new ambo. Maybe one day I'll get to ride it it. Read on »
19 May 15 by Ellie Patient Expert Fixed the problem of the offending screw/metal bit/whatever cut me. Take that, air filter! Read on »
18 May by Ellie Patient Expert My first Read on »