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High Drama in an Ambulatory Surgery Center by MKirschMD A few days before I wrote this, a patient had a complication in my office.  I have discussed on this blog the distinction between a complication , which is a blameless eve ... Read on »
Step 2 of 1 Million by Ellie Patient Expert Last week I stayed up until midnight, on a day when I really didn't want to, in order to register for spring classes.  I have a vague memory of the first time I went to co ... Read on »
Post for Breast Cancer Issue by Dr. Steve Nenninger Naturopathic Doctor Over the years I have had the chance to work with many cancer patients, the majority having been patients diagnosed with breast cancer.  Even though these patients were unde ... Read on »
The Dangers of Inflammation by Dr. Steve Nenninger Naturopathic Doctor Death by Inflammation   Some of the worst symptoms are created in chronic illness by our body trying to help us.  A good example of this is inflammation.   The i ... Read on »
Ebola Hysteria in Ohio by MKirschMD The Ebola hysteria continues.  True, we might have a greater chance of being struck twice by lightning, but the press would have us think we need to purchase Hazmat suits ... Read on »
Governors Mandate Ebola Quarantine by MKirschMD Who says that bipartisanship is dead?  Just recently, Governors Cuomo and Christie – a Democrat and a Republican – were shoulder to shoulder as they announced a new and im ... Read on »
Ebola Virus Outbreak Goes Viral! by MKirschMD While I haven’t devoted significant space on this blog to the news media, it is not because I do not have strong opinions on the current state of journalism.  Indeed, I co ... Read on »
Is Hepatitis C Treatment Cost-effective? by MKirschMD One catch phrase in health care reform is cost-effectiveness.  To paraphrase, this label means that a medical treatment is worth the price.  For example, influenza vaccine ... Read on »
AppStudio Humanitarian Challenge by Alan T. Medical Doctor Save the World by Developing or Donating! September 3, 2014 — The number of smart phones in third world is growing at the almost the same ra ... Read on »