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Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Medical Student by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Have you ever thought of making money online? Are you tired waiting for your big breakthrough while paying huge sums as fees for your medical educat ... Read on »
Should You Trust Your Doctor's Advice? by MKirschMD Is your doctor a hammer and you're a nail?  Here's some insider's advice coaxing patients to be more wary and skeptical of medical advice.  Should you trust your doctor?  ... Read on »
Night Three by Jeff W. Medical Student It’s now night 3 of 6. Six straight days — er, nights — covering the ICU patients here at one of the local county hospitals. Night 1 was great. Occasional calls here and t ... Read on »
Dr. Ken Grauer - ECG Video-3 (Blog #97) - A Patient with SVT and marked ST Depression (September... by JASON WINTER -----------------------------------------      This is the 3rd installment of my ECG Video Blog. This 11-minute video features a case of a patient with SVT (Supr ... Read on »
So, I'm afraid of bats. by Ellie Patient Expert I just finished brushing my teeth when I heard a weird noise down the hall in my bedroom.  Noises themselves are not unusual, bedtime is a typical period for the cats to dec ... Read on »
Bariatric Surgery: Pulling the Gastric Bypass Trigger Too Soon by MKirschMD If losing weight were easy, we'd all be skinny.  If exercise were fun, we'd all be doing it.  If quitting cigarettes were effortless... What should our response ... Read on »
County Life by Jeff W. Medical Student This month is my first of two months rotating at one of the local county medical centers. It is very different than either of the other two hospitals in which we find ours ... Read on »
Ailing Teeth: 5 Signs You May Need a Tooth Extraction by Dr. Lawrence Kindo The thought of having a tooth extraction at the dentist’s office may seem frightening to people, but it is occasionally necessary. A dentist usually ... Read on »
How Starbucks Is Flushing Your Vitamins Down The Drain by Dr Larry One of the most common questions I am asked by my patients is about vitamins. I think for the majority of people, myself included, vitamins are a good idea, b ... Read on »
My smartwatch adventure (I) by Alan T. Medical Doctor Not too long ago I figured I might as well jump into the wearables bandwagon and get myself a smartwatch. Why on earth? Well, I thought it would be neat if I could glance ... Read on »