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You Should Be Able To Eat Anything. by Dr. Steve Nenninger Naturopathic Doctor It is a natural, innate human instinct to want to eat a varied diet. An ancestor eating 10 things was more likely to be fully nourished than an ancestor eating one thing. Ob ... Read on »
Is E-mailing with Patients a Good Idea? by MKirschMD Physicians speak with patients every day on the phone for a variety of reasons.   Our practice now uses a portal system, giving patients access to some of their medical data ... Read on »
Yeah by Ellie Patient Expert Yeah, I haven't written since June.  Not here at least.  Yeah, I don't really know why.  Yeah, I've kind of waited to get over my crisis of hating the job before I wrote a ... Read on »
3 Things You Should NEVER Do If You Are In A Car Accident by Dr Larry Sandy was driving to work just like she had countless times before, and then CRASH! – out of nowhere her car was hit from the passenger side by another car that ran a ... Read on »
Gadzooks! There's Gluten in my Cheerios! by MKirschMD Gluten is in the news again.  Gluten and probiotics are among the two dietary issues that most consume my patients.  I am asked for my opinion on them several times each w ... Read on »
Imagine waking up and NOT needing to hit the snooze button! by Dr Larry Beep!Beep!Beep!Beep!….There it goes again.  The dreaded alarm is going off, waking you up out of a sleep that you JUST started.  You’re so tired even your face feels he ... Read on »
Lo que tu doctor no te ha dicho acerca de la Esclerosis Múltiple by Dr Larry Los cuatro estudios de investigación más Importantes de la Investigación que han hecho que personas con Esclerosis Múltiple vengan a mi oficina. Esperanza para la   ... Read on »
Parenting 101 by Dr Larry Let me tell you about a story that happened to me. A dear friend of mine, who is a wife, a mother, and a student called me on the phone in complete despair. She was at ... Read on »
What Your Doctor Never Told You About Multiple Sclerosis by Dr Larry Life is not always fair.  Bad things happen to good people.  Some chose to be proactive in life and take excellent care of their body.  They eat all the right fo ... Read on »
The Top 3 Mistakes That Will Cost You a College Scholarship by Dr Larry Athletes are consistently reaching for new heights in their sports. With each passing year, new records are shattered and the human body is pushed to its limits. Everyd ... Read on »