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Book Club: “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” by Krystal Plonski I am always looking for new books to read, and once I had learned about “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet”, I wanted to read this book for several reasons: (1) beca ... Read on »
Time, Indeed, Does Fly by Jeff W. Medical Student It amazes me how fast life marches on. I feel like I was just a medical student not too long ago. But here I am in my final year of residency. I have almost completed two ... Read on »
Physicians Lose Right of Free Speech by MKirschMD I’m all for free speech and I’m very hostile to censorship.  The response to ugly speech is not censorship, but is rebuttal speech.   Of course, there’s a lot of speech ou ... Read on »
Top Ten Medical News from across the Globe by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Top Ten Medical News from across the Globe Medical News aggregated from across the globe – news to inform, news to educate, news to warn, news ... Read on »
Testing Doctors for Drugs and Alcohol by MKirschMD I read recently that the left coast state of California is contemplating requiring physicians to submit to alcohol and drug testing.   Citizens there will be voting on thi ... Read on »
Should Doctors be Political in the Office? by MKirschMD Our nation is highly polarized today, and often bitterly so.  Democrats rail against the GOP.  Pro-lifers face down pro-choicers.  FOX News disses MSNBC.  Isolationists pu ... Read on »
Which messaging app for doctors? by Alan T. Medical Doctor I am a fan of instant messaging. Not your usual SMS or text messages but the multi-platform IM. When it comes to communicating with colleagues it’s quite handy for quick w ... Read on »
When Doctors Break the Law by MKirschMD I’m a law abiding blogger.  Laws are meant to be obeyed.  If an individual opposes a law in a free country, then he should operate within the system to modify it.  I recog ... Read on »
Our new textbook: Pediatric Surgery - Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Christopher C. Medical Doctor I am happy to announce that our new textbook has just been published! Our mission was to gather together useful information for practitioners at the bedside caring for child ... Read on »
When Should Doctors Turn Patients Away? by MKirschMD A few days before this writing, a 32-year-old woman came to see me for an opinion on stomach pain.  Why would I refuse to see her again?  Abdominal pain is an everyday occ ... Read on »