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Yeah, write more

Posted Jan 07 2010 3:09pm
I guess I should have specified in my "resolution" to write more blog posts, or more academic work. At the time I meant both, but since then have done little of either. I have a paper due next week and have been relatively uninspired by the subject matter.
Because of the paper, the university closing, and people being out of town for the holidays, not much has been going on anyway.
New years was a very unexpectedly good time with some new friends. I ended up staying up late enough to watch the ball drop in times square via webcam. I really did miss hanging out with the fam that day, but I'm sure we'll have plenty to catch up and graze on next year.
This week Coventry finally got some snow like the rest of the northern hemisphere which proved a good time for all (non driving, no obligation students). The snow was very sticky, perfect for snowballs, snowmen, and stuck to everything leaving a beautiful white carpet on the city.
I have a certain reluctance to take down my Christmas cards now displayed on my desk, even though it is past the 12 day mark. I ended up getting far more than I expected which means I got more than two. I also finished my Top Gear advent calendar ending with a stig keyring. The playmobil ended up being a cute forest scene with plenty of adorable animals, and santa too, a bit randomly. I also watched the Pee Wee's playhouse Christmas special which was hilarious and bizarre, just like I remembered it since last I saw it, which was whenever it aired or when we lost our VHS copy.
Since then I learned my shoe size (about time for a 26 year old), became guilty of texting while walking (very dangerous), and got over excited about Reeces pieces (a Hershey product here?!).
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