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Yeah, Team Urology!

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:04pm
Today is the last day for me in the Urology Ward. I would certainly miss it.

I could still remember the first day at the ward, which also happened to be the first day at work as a junior doctor. Everything was so vague, uncertain and I did not have a clue what I should be doing or who those patients in the ward were. But now, after 4 months, I felt more comfortable than ever. I knew exactly how to prepare those patients for their elective surgeries, I knew the story behind the patients and I felt that I could work efficiently with the other members in the ward. The sad thing is, it is time for me to change to a different posting. sigh.

The other members include the staff nurses, the senior house officer, specialist registrars and consultants. And, of course, not forgetting my other 3 colleagues, who have affectionately given ourselves the name " Team Urology."

As a team, I felt we tolerated each other very well and there wasn't any problem that arose. I would miss the days when we had coffee breaks at Mables, the days when we sat down playing the game "10 Questions," the times when we started making fun of each other, the times when we worked hard to finish clerking patients....the list is endless!

As all good things must come to an end, my heart is heavy to leave Team Urology. Tomorrow, all of us are changing over to Medicine and we will be working separately. I do not look forward to the new environment all over again. Its nearly similar to the day that I first started working, except that I am probably more comfortable when it comes to prescribing and doing practical procedures.

Wish me luck!
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