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Yay, I did it!

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:22pm
So, after that nasty case of whooping cough I caught back in September, the very apparent lack of treatment caused by the fact that I was, after all, vaccinated against B. pertussis, and after 6 months of coughing and wheezing and just generally not feeling like much activity... tada... I finally started running again. And it rocked!

OK, I sounded like a steam engine, airway obstruction is not a fun thing, but still... My lungs remained in place, I did not get myself dizzy with hypoxia (it's happened before) and I did not start to hate running. And that's pretty good for someone who strongly dislikes running.

PS: Yes, vaccinated people can get whooping cough. Apparently, the vaccine batch we were given can start to give way between the ages of 15 and 20. So teenagers and young adults... beware!
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