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Posted Oct 30 2008 3:22pm
Why on Earth would I ever decide to write a blog? I've never written anything without having a pre-set subject in my life. Not that I didn't want to, it's just that... it's not my thing. If I have something to say, I say it. Why bother writing it down , when I type like a snail? OK, maybe not a snail, but I'm no faster than an average cow.

But still, here I am, typing like hell. Oh yes, I know why. I like to talk. I always have something to say, explain, remember, try to prove a point... you name it. I can barely shut up all day. The only problem is, what if there's none around to listen to it? Talking to myself feels silly, talking to a diary even worse (I mean, it's like talking to me, just slower. Why, oh, why would I want to do that?), and talking to a random guy sitting next to me in class is just plain idiotic. What if he's there to actually hear the lecture? Which leaves me with a blog. Basically talking to myself again, but at least with a feeling that someone might read it and save me from my silliness.

Of course, this leaves me with the possiblity that the random reader might think I'm wrong. He might even think I'm a complete idiot. But at least he's not sitting next to me in a six-hour mandatory surgical lecture, so he can run for his life anytime he wants to.

So, please feel free to save me from my silliness by reading this. Also, feel free to run away from my ramblings anytime I start being annoying. Better yet, tell me I'm annoying and then run for your life and sanity.
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