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Why Isn't My Doctor Addressing The Autoimmune Part Of My Hypothyroidism?

Posted Aug 07 2009 7:15pm

Dr. Robert Boydston, known worldwide for his natural approach to Hashimoto's, elaborates:

Hashimotos-immune-treatment A common question I am asked is, "Why isn't my doctor doing anything about the autoimmune part of my hypothyroidism?" The truth is, 80 to 90% of hypothyroidism in the United States is caused by an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto's Disease. 
This is a great question. The simplest answer is that they don't think there is anything that can be done to help regulate the immune system. In the big scheme, if your immune system is chewing up your thyroid gland...does it make sense to focus so much attention on the replacement hormones?
The only way to win a battle is to make sure your efforts are directed at the correct opponent. The immune system is the opponent in this case and it must be dealt with. If you would like to win the battle that is.
We get great results with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism because we recognize this fact. We understand the immune system and the triggers that tend to flare up the immune attack.
The only way to regulate and turn down the autoimmune attack in Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism is to "dissect" the immune response by looking at very specific immune panels. Then we design a protocol based off your unique immune physiology.

Individualized and specific, two of the necessary requirements for a winning treatment approach. Then of course you have to re-measure to see how much change is being made.  

If you haven't my entire Autoimmune Thyroid Report. There is information contained in it that you won't find anywhere else.

To download a copy of our breakthrough report about ournatural treatment for Hashimoto's, simply fill out the form on the page.

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