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Who is most at risk from MRSA?

Posted by Be Well

Who is most at risk from MRSA?
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In general, healthy people are not at risk from MRSA. Those who are most at risk of MRSA include those who:

  • have a weakened immune system, such as the elderly, newborn babies, or those with a long-term health condition such as diabetes, cancer or HIV/AIDS,
  • have an open wound,
  • have a catheter (a plastic tube inserted into the body to drain fluid) or an intravenous drip,
  • have a burn or cut on their skin,
  • have a severe skin condition such as leg ulcer or psoriasis,
  • have recently had surgery, and
  • have to take frequent courses of antibiotics.

Those in hospital, particularly patients in intensive care units and on surgical wards, are most likely to develop MRSA infections because they often have an entry point for the bacteria to get into their body, such as a surgical wound, a catheter, or an intravenous tube. These people will be carefully monitored while they are in hospital.

Although MRSA infections usually develop in those in hospital, it is possible for hospital staff or visitors to become infected if they are in one of the higher risk groups. For this reason, hospital staff keep to strict procedures to keep wards clean. Visitors should also make sure they wash their hands before and after seeing a patient.

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