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What you should know about fibromyalgia…

Posted Oct 21 2013 10:06pm

In spite of what you may have been lead to believe, you can beat fibromyalgia.

What? A chiropractor that helps fibromyalgia? Keep reading …

If you or someone you care about has fibromyalgia then chances are you’ve spent some time on the internet trying to find out what causes it and how you can treat it. In fact, that’s probably what you were doing when you came across this blog post.

Well, let me save you some time. Some researchers believe that fibromyalgia is caused by chemical imbalances that affect nerve signaling. Some believe it is related to a trauma of the brain or spinal cord. Some believe fibromyalgia is caused by emotional stress or lack of physical conditioning. Some feel it has something to do with the body’s immune system, which is controlled by the nervous system. And some researchers believe fibromyalgia is a result of many factors not just one thing.
So what’s the commonality between all those theories? They all have to do with how the body functions. The underlying problem doesn’t appear to be a bacteria or virus, or genetics, but poor function. And what system determines how well your body functions? – Your nervous system.

Fibromyalgia can be a particularly frustrating condition to deal with not just because of the pain, but because there are no tests that confirm its presence and no signs of damage in or on the body. In fact, for many years those that suffered from fibromyalgia were often told to “stop faking it” or “it’s all in your head”.

Thankfully, over the last few decades modern medicine’s view on fibromyalgia has changed and it is now an acknowledged condition within the health care community. However, there is still no single agreed upon cause or remedy. The best that modern medicine can do for fibromyalgia is attempt to continually mask the symptoms with medication.

If you have been suffering from fibromyalgia, or you know someone who has, then by now you probably realize that continually covering up a symptom is not the same thing as treating the underlying problem. Fibromyalgia, as with all symptoms, is a sign that something in your body is out of balance.

Now this is where that part about the nervous system comes into play. Your nervous system (brain and all the nerves) is the master system of your body. Think of it as like the conductor of a large orchestra. Without the conductor to organize and coordinate all the different groups of instruments the audience would hear noise, not music.

So your strategy to overcome fibromyalgia needs to include a doctor that can measure and improve your nervous system function. One of the best choices is an upper cervical chiropractor.

Using infrared thermography, a technology that allows me to measure nervous system function, I have found that many fibromyalgia sufferers have a problem that was overlooked by previous doctors. Many of my patients have had MRI’s, CT scans and blood work, but the tests almost always come back as “negative”, or normal. And I would expect many of those tests to be negative as they aren’t designed to measure the function of the primary system involved, the nervous system.
If I detect a problem in the nervous system then I proceed to find the source of the problem with a very thorough evaluation process. If the patient is deemed a candidate for care I use a very specialized chiropractic adjustment to remove the source of the nervous system interference, thus allowing the body to once again function normally.

With optimal nervous system function and proper nutrition your fibromyalgia can be a thing of the past. Is this a cure for fibromyalgia? No. A cure implies a magic bullet. There are no magic bullets in health, only cause and effect. If you body is out of balance neurologically or nutritionally (cause) then you might suffer from fibromyalgia (effect). If you address the cause then the effects will take care of themselves.

By Dr. Jason Gonzales, The Specific Chiropractic Center, Chico

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