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Weekend Comes, Weekend Goes

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:03pm
While most Brits get a long weekend because of the September Weekend, my weekend was just the usual, started Friday evening and ended Sunday night. Most people here would get Monday off, but if you're a teacher, you'll get Thursday and Friday off too.

I drove to work as usual on Friday, and was VERY surprised to find the road extremely empty. I mean, I did expect the traffic to be less busy, but the motorway was DEAD! So despite leaving my home 10 minutes later than normal, I arrived at work by 8.30 am. Too early.

Anyway, this weekend I turned into a chef, cleaner and holiday booker.

1. Chef
I was dreaming of the wan ton soup back home.... could still remember the tasty wanton soup that I drank accompanied by a big plate of wan tan mee....yum yum. So, I came up with a master plan...marinated my mince pork and wrapped them up with ready made wantan pastries. I took these wan tans over to my friends' place and made the soup there. The soup wasn't sweet enough, but guess it was ok....or rather, edible! Hands up that I'm not a chef.

2. Cleaner
My room was in an awful mess. Everyday, I would leave bits of paper on the table and leave dirty clothes on the floor. As expected, small bits of paper accumulated and soon, every part of my table was covered with papers, envelopes, letters and books. It got to the stage where I couldn't even find my Rail Card, which I recalled was left on the table a few days ago. So, after dumping a good amount of rubbish and putting things back to place, my table was reasonably empty. Helen, my housemate, even commented that, "Ahh....finally, I could see the wood of your table!"

3. Holiday booker
I was also trying to sort out my holiday. Me planning to go to Germany in October, but I still haven't book any flights yet. With only about 3 weeks to go before my holiday, I started to search for budget flights and accommodation. Still haven't book any yet...because I've got my kiasu cap on, so much so that I kept searching for better bargains.

Having played different roles over the weekend, its back to work for me tomorrow. The motorway will still be very DEAD, so I'll leave for work later. Right, off to bed I go! Nite nite!
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