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WebOS Medical App Roundup (III)

Posted Sep 10 2010 5:31pm

This is a continuation of the WebOS Medical App Roundup series in the blog. In Part I we dealt with drug references, and in Part II we covered Medical Calculators and Lab references. In Part III we shall cover some of the other WebOS Medical References for medical users (students and professionals).

PreOpEval is a WebOS port of Josh Steinberg’s PreOpEval for the iPhone . It is basically a handy guide to help evaluate and prepare adult patients for non-cardiac surgery. The app has seen some 700+ downloads so far and a user rating of 4/5. Price: freeware. Developer:

Over 1,700 common and obscure medical eponyms (e.g., Rovsing’s sign, Virchow’s node) with descriptions in your WebOS device! Eponyms for webOS is the official webOS port of the Eponyms project maintained by Dr. Andrew Yee . It has some enhancements to the original PalmOS version, including a random eponym option and also the ability to look up eponyms in other online databases. This app is freeware and has seen over 15,000 downloads to date. Developer:

MedDict for webOS is a medical dictionary which searches an online database for definitions of medical terms. It requires an Internet connection but is lightweight, fast and freeware. It currently is an app in development and can be found in Precentral’s Homebrew (if you want to learn how to install Preware/Homebrew, click here ). Developer: SirataXero.

Daily Dose of Medical Knowledge offers high level medical info, with references, daily. Topics range the gamut of medical knowledge, from lab tests and their uses to patient management and diagnosis. Physicians, residents, physician assistants, students, nurses, and other medical professionals can benefit from Daily Dose. You can access up to two week’s worth of previous doses and you can also save your favorite doses. The application requires an Internet connection but is freeware. Developer: Brim LLC

ICD-9 for webOS allows you to carry the ICD-9 database in your webOS device, performing quick look-ups in it’s internal database using a type-to-search list, or perform online search of databases as an alternative means of looking up ICD-9 codes. Price: $0.99 in the official App Catalog. Developer:

ICD-10 for webOS like ICD-9 for webOS, has both an Internal database for offline searches as well as handy tools to query the WHO ICD online database. It also uses the webOS style of a typing-to-search the list. Price: $0.99 in the official App Catalog. Developer:

MediPedia is the premier anatomy reference app for webOS. This app includes both Gray’s Anatomy as well as animal anatomy images. Browse through the entire human body and see full color, detailed, and labeled images all on your WebOS Device. In addition, enjoy an exquisite collection of animal anatomy sketches. Features include: * Automatically save any page from Gray’s Anatomy you visit or any animal anatomy image directly to your device for offline viewing. * Search Gray’s online or browse through saved pages on your device. * Control the font size for easier viewing. * Follow the detailed instructions in the Help page for usage and troubleshooting information, complete with screen shots. * Tap on any image to view fullscreen. * Pages and all images are viewable in landscape mode. Price: $6.75 in the official App Catalog. Developer: SirataXero. (Note: this app is not to be confused with the similarly named MediPDA which is the first webOS medical calculator, which can also be found in the official App Catalog)

I think webOS could do with more medical references. I developed some of the above apps using Ares , Palm’s browser based development tool, and I can say the learning curve is not steep. With a little effort, you could be easily creating your own medical references like PreOpEval or Eponyms. A future post in the Creating your own medical apps for WebOS series will deal with using Ares to develop medical references. Watch this blog!

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

WebOS Medical App Roundup (III)

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