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Posted Dec 13 2009 12:00am

I don’t typically discuss purchases (or things I would like to purchase), but I cannot stop lusting over these brand new, just released camera bags by Kelly Moore.  I have been looking for what seems like ages for a camera bag that meets my particular set of requirements: styleish – aka, doesn’t scream “I’M A CAMERA BAG!”, something which actually holds my camera body unlike the Shootsac, something with the option to wear across my body messenger-style for when I am actually taking pictures, and extra room so that it can be my only bag and not require a purse as well.  I have considered the Built NY bag, but well… it looks like a giant lunchbox.   I’ve been eyeing up the Jill-E line, but I never loved the look or the straps (I find that if I wear a bag just over the shoulder, it tends to slip down if I am trying to move around).  And I know I am not the only one who has had problems finding a functional, yet stylish, camera bag (so maybe this will help some of you, too!).  Considering the amount of time which I travel since we are in a long-distance marriage, a camera bag has been moving further and further up on my list of serious wants, since I typically wind up literally throwing my camera into my suitcase, and only traveling with my cheapest lens, lest something happen with my very unsecure packing method.

And then, this weekend, Kelly Moore opened up her bag shop and it’s like she could read my mind!  It fits both the camera and multiple lenses, plus other random accessories (both photography related and personal), has outside pockets for easy access, is water resistant, and can be worn either over-the-shoulder or messenger style.  And it doesn’t look like a camera bag!  (I, personally, am lusting after the grey color – goes with everything so I can take it anywhere).screen-shot2

Since it was literally just released, I cannot vouch for it personally, but for those of us looking for a stylish “non-camera bag” camera bag, it seems like the ideal choice!  Unfortunately for me, I do not expect that I will be picking one up any time soon, given my limited graduate student income and Husband’s massive medical school loans.  We just received very generous Hanukkah checks from my parents, who instructed us to use on something fun and enjoyable and not for paying off loans, but Husband has already decided that all the money will go straight into savings because he is boring and practical and otherwise known as Dr. Debt from his medical school endeavors. :(  (Had I known about this bag before this weekend, I would have just asked my parents for it directly rather than the check, thus bypassing our savings account altogether!)

I do, however, think it will make a delightful gift-to-self whenever I finally get a first author paper, no?  Teehee.

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