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Various designs and styles are used while making silver necklaces

Posted Aug 23 2010 2:25am

The adornments that are used to decorate or drape your neck are known as necklaces. The current rage Tiffany Bracelets is for silver jewelry be it earrings, finger rings or necklaces. Silver chain necklaces that are graciously and intricately carved and encrusted with a myriad of precious stones are widely in demand globally.

Various designs and styles are used while making silver necklaces. Most of the jewelers have mastered the required skills to make necklaces using methods such as molding, intricate inlay and setting of precious stones, polished silver chain Tiffany & co jewelry and hammering silver into fine thin wires.

The silver necklaces are available in various finishes such as rustic, polished and antique. Filigreed necklaces are delicate and elegant and are available in various stylish designs such as butterflies, floral and leaves pattern. Geometrical, fauna and avian Tiffany Rings shapes and designs are also available for the teens and young adults. Indian designs of meenakari and kundan styles of silver necklaces are also in great demand in the international market these days.

Silver bead necklaces are available in ethnic styles. Silver bead necklaces include various types of silver including Tiffany Earrings German and sterling beads. Precious stones such as pearls, garnet, peridot, turquoise and amethyst are also beaded in sterling silver necklaces.

Necklaces made simply by silver beads are also available. Some of the popular silver bead shapes used in making of beaded necklaces is oval, pressed, piped, diamond and triangular beads.

In the Middle East and in India, there is a vast collection of bridal jewelry that is crafted using sterling silver. These necklaces would be inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones and intricately and splendidly carved.

Though silver necklaces and chokers are used only by the women folk, silver chains are not gender specific. Silver chains are used by both men and women. These are available in varied designs and styles. Some of the popular designs include marina, ball, snake, box and Figaro chains.

Silver chains are available in different finishes ranging from antique to rustic to polished and hammered. These can be worn permanently on your neck and would be a perfect accessory that would blend with any kind of apparel. Silver had never been out of fashion, you can pass it to next generation. It may be the perfect precious metal chain which can be affordable to any one.
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