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Posted Oct 30 2008 3:22pm
Vascular surgery department. Yes, the one that deals with cloged up blood vessels.
Main characters:
Student attempting to get one of their first histories and, admittedly, not being thorough enough
Patient in pain due to one of their appendages getting ready to fall of for lack of oxygen supply

Student: So, do you smoke?
Patient: No.

Half an hour later.
Said vascular surgery department.
Main characters:
Student we've already met
Patient still in pain
Doctor taking report

Student: Patient here for pain in appendage, history of blahblahblahblah, doesn't smoke, do...
Doctor (sits back comfortably, looking really smug): Oh really. Ma'm, do you smoke?
Patient: No.
D: Have you ever smoked?
P: Yes.
D: How long?
P: 40 years.
D: How much?
P: 2 packs a day.
D: When have you stopped smoking?
P: Yesterday.

OK, my history taking sucked at that point. But honestly. You're falling apart! D'you think you could tell me the truth about a factor EVERYONE knows is important for your blood vessels?
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