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Two Weird for Me

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:10pm
Is it me, or has there been a surge in weirdness lately? There have been several things recently that registered high on my weird-shit meter. And, these may be just the beginning:
  • A woman in Connecticut, Sandra Harold, kept a chimpanzee in her house and had more than a normal relationship with the simian. The chimp, affectionately named Travis, was a surrogate family member for Sandra.The relationship was, reportedly, so intimate that Sandra gave the chimp wine (not sure whether he liked whites or reds) and Xanax (why not Rohypnol?). It is also reported that Travis brushed Sandra’s hair each night. Sandra and Travis took baths together and even cuddled in a shared bed. I want to know, as all of you do, did they hook up? Travis may be human-like, but he is a wild animal. As you know he seriously mauled a friend of Sandra's chewing off both hands and most of her face (nose, eyes, jaw, facial soft-tissue). She was recently transferred to the facial transplant unit at the Cleveland Clinic. Here, a woman's pathology has seriously injured another human being--changing her life for ever. Sad.
  • Nadya Suleman loves children. She had 6 (three of which had developmental problems requiring Social Security assistance for life). So, she decided to have more. The more, the merrier--right? She went to Michael Kamrava, MD (gynecologist to the stars) and he squirted in 8 embryos. She subsequently delivered the babies (almost still embryos) and they will join her brood at home (she can now front both a baseball team and a basketball team and not use any kid more than once). She is unemployed and her parents lost their home trying to help her. There are two problems here. Are all aspects of health care a right or a privilege? Should Kamrava have done what he did (and reportedly there is another welfare mom in LA carrying octuplets--again implanted by Kamrava)? As a society, do we have a say in regard to what benefits these outliers who do this shit (since we all will be paying for her family) get? A prominent pediatrician estimated that the costs of health care, vaccinations, diapers, formula (unless she has eight teats) will exceed $1.7 million dollars for the first year. And, certainly one or two of those kids will have a head bleed and spend their later years separating knives, forks, and spoons and wrapping them in paper napkins as part of a federally-sponsored disability employer.
It is clear that both of these women have psychiatric issues. These should have been addressed sooner. The human/simian relationship is too close to the Planet of the Apes for me. Chimpanzees are lovable when small--but they are wild animals and the attack was inevitable. The octuplet mom also has deep psychiatric issues. And, you and me will pay for it. She is only in her thirties--she can have 10-20 more children if Dr. Kamrava will impregnate her. Talk about a womb with a view. But, it is over all very sad--for the lady without a face and hands, the chimp with 8 slugs in his chest, the 14 Suleman children, and the American tax paye r.
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