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Triple Flu Defense and the Classical Homeoapthic Approach

Posted Jan 21 2011 2:53pm
Triple Flu Defense and the Classical Homeopathic Approach

Classical homeopathy as understood currently be a majority of American Homeopaths is usually understood to mean the use of a single homeopathic remedy. This may mean a single dose that is observed over the course of months.

If we look at the course of Hahnemann’s career we would be safe to say that he was an experimentalist. He first experimented with decreasing doses of pharmaceutical agents and then experimented with potentized substances.

As a naturopathic doctor I received four years of classical homeopathic training which as been followed by seventeen years of classical practice. I have given single remedies to thousands of patients, with many cured cases. My practice has thousands of C-potencies and well as thousands of LMs. I have represented homeopathy in many forums, and continue to support classical homeopathic foundations.

I developed Triple Flu Defense over ten years. I found that even patients under good naturopathic care, including on their constitutional remedy, would occasionally be victims of influenza. I felt that homeopathic medicines could help me to prevent illness in these patients. Perhaps, in spite of all of my training, practice, and intention, I am a mediocre practitioner and this is why I needed to develop an additional method of preventing the flu. If this is the case I feel comfortable saying the the perfect homeopath does not need this formula, but the rest of us do.

It is interesting to note that Hahnemann actually developed the concept of using homeopathic medicines to prevent epidemic illnesses. He would often select the remedy based on the symptoms that were appearing locally. This would mean two or three remedies were used for the epidemic. This was at a time when you could localize the symptoms as most people lived their entire life within a twenty mile radius. Interestingly Hahnemann would give the nosode to his patients, including the patients currently under constitutional care.

Hahnemann encouraged his students to continue experimenting with his approach, based on conditions that he believed would create a sound structure for that growth. With Triple Flu Defense our goal is to identify the remedius empidemicus and assure that the patient has sufficient dosing to assure that they are protected from the flu. We track the flu around the globe, and change our formula each year to make sure we are as close the Similum as is possible.

We use three approaches in the formula. We pick the nosodes that most closely match the current flu picture, we pic the historical remedies that most match the current symptom pattern when historically seen in influenza and we use the remedies that are currently being prescribed most effectively for patients with the flu.

This formula had ten years of trials in my practice and those of trust colleagues before we even had the opportunity to bring it to the retail market. In our efforts to produce the most effective and highest quality formula available I believe that we pay homage to the foundation laid by Hahnemann. The patients on the perfect constitutional remedy may not need triple flu defense in theory. Of course this also assumes that all obstacles to cure have been removed, including the many obstacles that Hahnemann did not face including previous influenza vaccination. For everyone else this formula is designed to be the highest quality homeopathic flu prevention available. In this way I like to think many people have the chance to be exposed to the curative and protective effects of homeopathic medicines and thereby start on a path that leads them to even more comprehensive homeopathic approaches.

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