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Treo Pro IV - The Need For Speed

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:21pm

Well after trying out the Treo Pro for almost 3 weeks, I gave in and got one for myself. It’s such a beautiful device I could not resist :)

After investigating all the available Winmo apps, I realise that the majority of what I use in the Palm world, are available for Winmo - Agendus, SplashID, Daynotez, Handbase. It would however require me forking out more money to shift entirely to Winmo. One solution would be to get Styletap which allows many Palm applications to run in Winmo, and some like Kinoma’s Palm version even stream well within Styletap (and has the added advantage that one can now multi-task as Kinoma Palm can continue playing while you access other Winmo apps). However since I am a “two phone” person, it doesn’t matter as I am still running my palm apps on my Centro . I didn’t like Agendus for Windows mobile as there were too many glitches and the interface was very slow compared with the Palm version. However, Iambic has just released version 3.0 for Winmo so I shall have to investigate that.

At the end of the day, I am using the Treo Pro as a data communications device - IM, Web, Push email. I can now also install Skype for Winmo and use it where there is a Wifi hotspot. My data plan is from a provider which has only GPRS/Edge. It seems they will have 3G in the near future but this craving for speed is strong. I am sorely tempted to migrate to competitors who have 3G.

Are there any drawbacks? Yes, the PIM is not as good as PalmOS. While it is OK, things just get done faster with my Centro. My Centro is what I rely on to keep my Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes (glued together with Agendus). Syncing with my Work PC and Home PC is quick simple. With the Treo Pro, Activesync is troublesome. I currently have this annoying error which does not allow me to sync with both my Home and Work PC, and the error message is a vague “problem with the Desktop”.
I also am keeping all my medical applications in my Centro as they are much faster to access - drug references, calculators and UpToDate.

So right now my primary phone, organiser and reference device is the Centro. The Treo Pro has taken over my Treo 680 (which I have passed to my better half) as the data device and secondary phone.
This combo will take me till next year until we see what Palm has in store for us in the shape of Nova mobile internet devices.

My final conclusion on the Treo Pro - a great device and a worthy upgrade from a Treo 680. Has the Winmo quirks but Palm has made it quite user friendly. The keyboard is not bad - not as tiny as the Centro’s but a little more cramped than the Treo 680’s. Still, I find it quite usable. It is a little pricey but it seems well made. There have been some complaints in the Treo forums about cracks appearing for some but I suspect it may be that people are forcing the battery case off the wrong way. Initially I struggled a little but if you see this video from WMExperts, it really is quite easy.

Now to look at the 3G/HSDPA data packages the other telcos are offering …. Oh and if someone wants to pass me a Celio Redfly for testing I’d be most happy to ;)

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Treo Pro IV - The Need For Speed

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