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Too Young

Posted Feb 17 2010 7:24am
Two people dead.

Too young.

Both knew the risks.

One ignored them. The long term effects on their health were there for all to see.

The other knew them. Knew them well. Took account of them. Fell victim to them.

One knew what they were doing to their body. Daily neglect and ignorance to the serious nature of their chronic condition.

One pushed their body to the limit and had done every weekend before with no problems. This time nature decided to have the last say.

One I knew through regular visits in a professional capacity. Pursuading them to leave the squalid flat and go to hospital to delay the inevitable a little longer.

The other I knew as a friend. A lively character and determined head strong in their pursuit of the ultimate goal. Generous and opinionated.

Two lives lost in one week.

Both preventable.

Both unnecessary.

Both too young.
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