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Too early?

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:02pm
Is there such a rule that states a person should not put up a christmas tree in the house 4 weeks before christmas day?

Well I hope not!

Because I just set mine up a few days ago! =)

hehe...I have been looking for the so-called "perfect" tree a few weeks ago...well, to be honest, ever since I saw christmas decos in the shopping malls. I thought about getting a nice lovely black tree, rather than the traditional green one.

So I went hunting, you know, whenever I went out for a little shopping spree. Finally, I found the perfect tree! I am sure everyone would agree that you can get almost anything from Argos. Yeap, I stopped by Argos last weekend, and looked through their christmas catalogue.....and hold and behold, I saw a tree that I liked.

It was a 6 foot tall ash black xmas tree.....the fact that it was discounted, made it even more attractive. So I purchased it without much thoughts. I also bought new white LED lights to match it.

When I got home, I could not wait to put it up.... (I know, it is pretty pathetic). To be honest, I am sucker for things like this. I like to see nice little things in the flat, I like to feel all christmassy....I mean, it is only once a I might as well enjoy it to the max. hehe.

Anywho, with some help from Kevin, my brand new tree is all set up! There are a mix of red, gold and purple baubles. It looks absolutely lovely! It is so therapeutic just looking at it, especially when the white lights flash around. I actually look forward to turning on the lights when I get home from a tiring day at work. All I need now is to get a few christmas pressies to put under the tree.

It is amazing how simple things in life can just make it so much more colourful.

30 days and counting down to Xmas..... =P

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