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This took a while

Posted Jan 14 2009 6:01pm
Oh dear... but I do have excuses, and good ones, too.

1) I'm working on finishing school 8 months ahead of my class, so yes, I am in fact drowning in work, but I'm also successfully procrastinating
2) I think I'm going to write a book and for real this time, not just NaNo
3) I'm volunteering again and still doing research at the same time

and, definitely the most important bit of news

4) I have Chaos going on right now. That's right, capital C. He's a boxer, he's almost 6 months old now and a born destroyer. He also enjoys chewing on my fingers and not to gently, I might add. I just hope he leaves all ten of them where they should be, I need them.

Now excuse me once again, Chaos needs to go to the toilet.
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