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Things I like about #iOS7

Posted Nov 18 2013 8:27pm

Coming from an iPhone4 running iOS6 (Jailbroken), iOS7 is a big leap forward for me. There are quite a number of features now which makes the need to Jailbreak much less. Here are some things which I find cool:

1) Better multi-tasking. I like the running multi-tasking screen which is so much like webOS “cards” and you can call this up with a double tap of the Home button (or the virtual Floating home button if you have set this up in Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch)

2013-11-19 09.11.46

Like webOS the cool thing is you can swipe up to close a “card” and with two fingers you can close more than one card at once.

2) Siri works, seriously. I think many are under-utilizing Siri which can do nifty things like hands-free checking and replying or sending text messages, checking email etc. I am a heavy and I like the way you can use Siri to set your reminders .

3) The ability to block calls.This one I really like as I was missing the functionality of iBlacklist which requires a Jailbroken device. Now with the combination of iOS’ “Do not disturb” function and the ability to block individual callers, I am a happy camper.

4) More swiping goodness. It could be better but at least now in certain apps swiping can take you back or perform some functions e.g. trash an email.

For a productivity geek, iOS7 is a blessing.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Things I like about #iOS7

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