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The White House Goes Bare — Should You?

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:02pm
Michelle Obama Not Only Hula-Hoops, But Also Runs Barefoot!

CBS News reports that not only does Michelle Obama spin a mean hula-hoop, but she is also the FIRST First Lady to run barefoot across the White House lawn. On October 21st, she ran an obstacle barefoot during a Healthy Kids Fair. Prior to this event, Barack’s been seen walking barefoot. 

Michelle Obama Runs Barefoot

Michelle Obama Runs Barefoot

As a podiatrist who promotes barefoot activity (for healthy feet!), I was ecstatic to see Michelle prancing barefoot. It’s time for feet to come out of the closet—or more specifically shoes. 

In my office, sometimes people are embarrassed by their feet. Of course, as a foot doctor, I see feet that have problems, so many are not beautiful; however, few are ugly. Embarrassment drives people to hide their feet away in their shoes, which only weakens their feet and may even, contribute to worsening their foot problems. 

Another way that some women “hide” their feet is by using nail polish on their fungal toenails. Rather than treating the fungus, some women use nail polish to cover the fungus. Ironically, the nail polish traps moisture in the nail and promotes worsening of the nail fungus. 

Feet are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.  The truth is, most feet are far from perfect. The idealized, petite, beautiful foot is rare (and thank heavens–otherwise, I would be out of business!) 

The best advice I can give someone who is shy about showing off their feet: don’t be. Accept your feet. They may be imperfect, but in their own unique way they are special. 

Barefoot activity for healthy people (without diabetes etc.) is the best thing you can for your feet–going barefoot promotes healthy, strong feet—and may even limit infection. Shoes are typically dark and damp, and as a result, the perfect environment to breed fungus and bacteria.

Perhaps, its time to take off your shoes and walk!

Jackie Goes Barefoot

Jackie Goes Barefoot


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