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The silence cracks into bursting ...

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:03pm

The silence cracks into bursting laughters,
The face is carved with a smiling lip,
Contended and happy,
But yet deep within,
I feel……,
Something amiss!

The vast ocean and its marine life,
Fills the heart aglow,
The silence in depths,
Where just the breath and heart beat,
Comes in unison - just breathtaking,
The freedom felt,
The joy that fills the air,
But as I ascend,
My heart skips a beat in anticipation,
Then within a second, I shudder feeling
Something deep within myself

As I dwell deep within myself,
I fail to remove the remnants of my previous episode,
I have embedded her within the depth of my recesses,
Far too safe for anyone to reach
Even from myself
Despite all that, that has occurred,
The events have left a significant part of me empty.

As I sit and ponder at my future,
I cannot help but wonder,
“Love conquers all”, is this true?
Is love the only important thing,
In a relationship!
Deep within, my mind screams a loud NO,
As my heart soaks with sadness at reality.

Picking up my shattered pieces,
I ask myself should I plunge myself into this again?
Can I trust another again totally?
For every gesture I see in another,
Would only reflect those of hers!

Talking to a friend I realise,
That as much as I hate her now,
For the words uttered,
For the gestures and actions done,
I still am very much in love with her,
In love with the unchanged her that I initially fell in love with!

Were my feelings for the last few weeks,
I countered them by watching movies,
Almost all were seen,
But yet almost immediately thereafter,
The emptiness creeps in,
Faster than lightning!

Can I be able to love again?
Maybe but the truth is,
Can I be able to trust another again?
Difficult but I suppose,
With time, with time!

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